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Shop the Look - Scandi Rustic Hallway

This week's 'Shop the Look' showcases the Scandi Rustic style, showing you how to create a look that takes elements of Scandinavian design and introduces rustic natural materials and textures to create a cosy, relaxed and inviting interior.

Adore the traditional Nordic design trend but also have a love for earthy wooden accents? The modern Scandi Rustic style is perfect for you! 

Traditional Scandinavian style interiors lean heavily towards crisp white walls and clutter free living areas whereas Rustic style is more about the free-form organic look, embracing the organic edges and the mixture of texture, colours and patterns.

To add the element of Rustic design, we have incorporated earthy beige, blue and wood textures and accents through our accessory pieces which contrast against the Scandi Whitewood cladded walls and black accents.

Open shelving is a styling approach often found within Industrial inspired homes, so using our rustic Scaffold Boards to create this type of shelving in the hallway makes it fit in perfectly with the Scandi Rustic trend.

The distressed wooden bench acts as the centrepiece in the hallway and as well as being functional, it provides space to add additional accessory pieces such as the cushions and woven baskets. The key to creating this look is to not over clutter, sticking to the minimalistic Scandinavian look but with an earthy and alluring rustic twist.

Product List

    • Antica Grigio Porcelain Paving Pack - £35.00 per m2 inc VAT
    • Scandi Whitewood Timber Cladding - From £9.86 per board inc VAT
    • Extra Large Rustic Bench - £240.00
    • Annie Sloan Bilbao Rectangle Cushion - £39.95
    • Caramel Soft Cushion - £20.00
    • Antique Style Basket - Large £49.00 Medium £49.00
    • Ancient Style Basket - Small £25.00
    • Victorian Coat Hook - £3.00
    • Matte Black Vase - £8.00
    • Mango Wood Frame 5" x 7" - £34.50
    • 90cm Industrial Shelves in Clear - £28.00 each
    • Utility Steel Lip Bracket 6" x 9" - £15.95 each
    • Artificial Olive Tree - £85.00
    • Matte Black Metal Monkey Ornament - £18.00


    Scandi Whitewood

    Our Scandi Whitewood is sourced from various trees across Scandinavia, including pine, fir, beech and oak. Perfect to whitewash or create a shiplap look for that real Scandi vibe and provides the perfect backdrop for your earthy interior accents to really stand out against! 

    Antica Grigio Porcelain

    Our Antica Porcelain Paving is made to emulate the old limestone paving of Italian cities, blending the historical elements of paving in a modern and contemporary way. The Antica Grigio Porcelain continues to add the natural and earthy look of the hallway, with the neutral grey colouring fitting in perfectly within the Scandi Rustic theme.  


    Did you know about our design service?

    Did you know that we offer all aspects of interior design? From concept boards to space plans, lighting plans and digital designs, we can help create the Modern Rustic interior you have been dreaming of! With services starting from just £55, you can get the #southplanksstyle no matter the size and budget.

    If you want to know more about our design services please call or email

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