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We're glad you're here!

The team have been working hard to ensure that our customers (you) have all you need to create your dream home. To make life easier, we now have a brand new website that allows you to browse and buy online! Delivery is available or collect in store for free.


What you will find here:

Building Materials such as bricks, stone cladding, paving, cobbles & setts, walling, slate, pebbles and gravel.

Surfaces such as tiles, wood, brick slips and Annie Sloan paint.

Furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets and shelving. 

Lighting including wall lights, pendant lights, table lamps, bulbs and outdoor lighting.

Interiors such as mirrors, furnishings, baskets, wall decor, ironmongery and much more!

Outdoor Living including furniture, planters, decor, fire pits and lighting.

Sale and Seasonal section! Where you will find all items on sale as well as seasonal items.

Maintenance, this includes stone sealer, cleaner, grout and adhesive- the boring but very useful section with information on each product! You will need our maintenance items for products such as brick slips, stone cladding, paving, bricks etc.

Finally, Architectural Antiques and Curiosities. This is where you will find intriguing and quirky items with a history. All sections will be added to weekly, but this section is one to watch!!

Whilst you're here, let's be friends! 

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Contact us:

If you need any help at all, we are always happy to answer your questions and enquires! We have an online chat (just to the bottom right of the page) as well as contact links (to the right)!

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