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The beauty of reclaimed wood and timber is that it can be effortlessly integrated into both a modern or a more traditional home. The rich patina of our Reclaimed Timber gives it a unique character, with each groove, line, and bump adding to its beauty and charm.


As it is reclaimed and restored from other constructions or structures, using reclaimed timber removes the need to source new wood and instead reuses and revives used materials. Whether it comes from old buildings, barns, railway sleepers, storage containers, or even ships, each piece has a unique history behind it and can be used to add character to your home, space or project.


The durability of reclaimed wood makes it a long-lasting and reliable product for use in homes, office spaces and other interiors.


 Whether you choose to transform a room with a feature wall, add character with timber flooring or get creative with unique pieces of furniture, our range of Reclaimed Timber Products means that the possibilities are endless.

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