Annie Sloan Workshop Dates

Posted by Amy Norbury on

On the 3 hour course, Rebecca from RAW Furniture, will firstly teach you how preparation and inspiration is key to creating the perfect finished painted piece of furniture. Then we will experiment on MDF Boards with paint layering, brush techniques, colour combinations, white washing, stencilling and frottage. We will then complete the boards by distressing with different grade sandpapers and then seal the paint with Clear Wax and use Dark Brown, Black and White Waxes, to create lovely aged patinas and to enhance textures. By the end of the class, you will go away with the knowledge and confidence to start your own painted piece.

If you would like to attend this 3hr workshop, please ring South Planks to book yourself on the course: 01995 607272. The price is £65pp, which includes all materials and light refreshments will also be provided. There is also 10% off your first purchase of Annie Sloan materials.


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