Our paving products are sourced from various locations throughout Britain, with each piece upholding a unique and characteristic finish.

For those stone products that cannot be sourced from this country, we have carefully selected the best and most sympathetic alternative to our British range. Thus offering the chance for our clients to own the most similar product in terms of looks and quality but within their price range.

Yorkstone - Natural Stone New & Reclaimed from South Planks

Our Natural Yorkstone products are sourced from various locations throughout Britain. It is renowned for its durability, heritage and classic look.


Sandstone Paving from South Planks

Our Sandstone alternatives offer our clients a great quality product similar to the Yorkstone but within a lower price range.


Porcelain Paving from South Planks

Porcelain is a great, lightweight yet hardwearing product which offers a wide range of options when it comes to style and aesthetic.

Porcelain Paving