Abbeystead Cathedral Yorkstone Paving

Abbeystead Cathedral Yorkstone Paving


Our Abbeystead product range is highly versatile and can be used to create a range of design styles.

LAYOUT: Random Rectangular

SIZE: Random (w) x random (l) x 50mm (d)


EDGE: Natural

THICKNESS: Approx 50mm

COLOUR: Buff with some warm orange tones

PACKAGING: Approx 7m² per pallet

TONE: Buff

APPLICATION: Floor, Indoor, Outdoor

STYLE: Modern

MATERIAL: York Stone


This York Sandstone is one of the finest in England. It is a newly quarried stone with a sawn face. Each paving stone is hand finished by our team of skilled stonemasons, who create a beautiful natural edge, giving the product a more authentic, aged appearance. Abbeystead Cathedral Yorkstone has a predominantly buff, sandy tone with some warmer, orange shades running throughout. It’s colouring beautifully complements, the tones found in areas such as the Cotswolds. //NP. We calibrate this natural stone product to a thickness of 50mm, thus making it incredibly easy to lay. It is ideal for both internal and external use.

All prices are per m² excluding VAT