Reclaimed Walling

Reclaimed Walling


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Brimming with character, creates a completely unique finish.

LAYOUT: Random

SIZE: Random

TEXTURE: Natural

EDGE: Natural


COLOUR: Mix of tones

PACKAGING: Bulk Bag (approx 1 tonne)

TONE: Multicolour, Grey, Buff, Black, Brown

APPLICATION: Outdoor, Walling

STYLE: Reclaimed, Rustic

MATERIAL: Sandstone


Our Reclaimed Walling is a beautiful mix of stone from old houses and industrial buildings throughout England. It is full of character and has been weathered naturally over hundreds of years. It is the ideal material for creating an aged appearance to any building project. As well as using it for it’s inherent beauty, our clients also love that this material has its own unique history that is given the chance of a new lease of life.

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